The Shetland Space Centre would like to thank all the local businesses on Shetland and further afield who have supported us from the beginning and are continuing to assist in the development of a Space Port on Shetland.



“Ocean Kinetics is a modern engineering company offering a wide range of engineering and marine services with an extensive track record in design, fabrication, machining, installation and commissioning.  They also work in the marine sector carrying out marine construction and salvage with bases in Shetland and Aberdeen.”

Ocean Kinetics supported the Shetland Space Centre during the B2Space Balloon Launch from Unst in July 2019. A support vessel was on site to recover the balloon and provide expertise with maritime navigation and communication.



The Pure Energy Centre (PEC) is a renewable, green fuel and energy storage company. The PEC is a manufacturer of small, medium and large scale hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen systems. PEC’s focal point is on the development and deployment of projects centered on electrolysers, storage, compressors, and complex hydrogen refuelling stations operating at 350 and 700 bar.

PEC has unique technology, know-how and expertise to offer their customers no matter their remote or close locations, making them ideally placed to deliver robust and reliable clean energy solutions based on the technical requirements of their customers.  PEC offers solutions ideally suited to supporting the development of island communities, based on the development of renewables, hydrogen and combining these into off-grid energy solutions.”

Pure Energy Centre has been a supporter of the Shetland Space Centre since its inception including during the B2Space Balloon Launch from Unst in July 2019. Expertise in procuring and handling of hazardous gases was graciously provided.


“Shetland Flyer Aerial Media is an innovative small business offering a range of media and survey services using small unmanned aircraft. They specialise in high accuracy mapping and geomatics using the latest GNSS technologies, delivering centimetre to millimetre accurate 3D models, dense clouds, digital surface/terrain models and orthorectified photomaps. In addition to mapping and survey they provide a full range of aerial photography and videography services.”

Shetland Flyer provided Shetland Space Centre with drone footage, aerial photography and a 3D model of Lamba Ness for surveys which will be used to assist with the continuing development of the spaceport. 


CyberSmart provides a unique approach to automating cybersecurity and compliance in line with (and exceeding) government standards, in order to protect against over 99% of cyber incidents. CyberSmart’s vision for the world is one in which no person thinks twice about the privacy of their data online because every business, no matter how small, understands what it means to be cyber secure and access to the tools to protect itself. Through making security accessible, we have achieved tremendous growth and protect tens of thousands of users.

CyberSmart provided Shetland Space Centre with the software and accreditation to ensure the company is in compliance with government cyber security standards.