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Unst is Shetland’s – and the UK’s – most northerly island. Approximately 700 people live on Unst, with the largest communities being Baltasound and Uyeasound.

Despite being on the same latitude as Cape Farewell in Greenland, Unst has a rich and abundant wildlife and stunning scenery. It is home to the protected Hermaness National Nature Reserve, a mecca for birdwatchers, and even has an indigenous wildflower, Edmonston’s Chickweed, which grows on the Keen of Hamar National Nature Reserve. The island is also renowned for its

  • Fascinating and varied geology
  • Intriguing archaeology and history
  • Vibrant local culture
  • Warm and welcoming people
  • Scenic and rewarding walks

Unst’s heritage dates back to the Vikings, a link which is celebrated every year with a local Up-Helly-Aa festival.

Naturally, for such a small and relatively fragile community, there is great interest in the Shetland Space Centre project, and the company is liaising closely to keep everyone informed of developments and progress.

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