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Support and Funding for Technology & Manufacturing Innovation.

Join a range of organisations who support a growing Shetland Islands’ technology sector.

29th October 2020

Event Hosted Virtually

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The Virtual Event Details

The event is scheduled to take place online, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. The online platform of choice is Microsoft Teams, you can find information below about how to join the event or download the required Software. You can also join the event via your web browser if you do not wish or do not have the bandwidth to download the application.

Event Date & Time:

Thursday 29th of October, 2020

between the hours of 9:30am till 13:30pm


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Shetland Space Centre is using Microsoft Teams. To join the event, you can download the application or join via your browser. Once you join the event, please make sure to mute your microphone and disable your webcam. If you would like to ask a question, unmute and speak with the presenter.


The Shetland Space Centre (SSC) was established in 2017 to establish the UK’s most northerly spaceport complex on the Island of Unst, Shetland. Its diversified operations portfolio includes Satellite Launch, Range, Ground Segmentation, and Data. SSC has planned and will build and operate a multi-launch operator facility, launching small satellites into polar and sun-synchronous Low Earth Orbits (LEO). The ground station antennas will range from 3 to 10 meters in size and will support frequency bands of S, X, Ka, UHF and VHF

Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is a Government organisation that funds innovative and exploitable ideas that benefit the UK’s Armed Forces and National Security. We provide 100% funding and do not take a share of your intellectual property nor equity in your company. DASA has regionally based Innovation Partners (IP) to advise you about the DASA process. The IP for Scotland will provide an overview of DASA and funding opportunities at this virtual event.

Shetland Islands Council is the local authority body with responsibility for providing services on Shetland.  The Council is organised into five directorates and a number of service areas. These are responsible for overseeing Council services and differ in size and function, with some involved in the direct provision of services to the public; others provide support to Councillors and departments.

The Council has 22 elected members which serve 6, three-member, wards and 1, four-member, ward.  Members, in addition to representing their ward, serve on a range of committees responsible for decisions on the delivery of public services in the islands.

Event Speakers

What Is The Support and Funding for Innovation Event About?

Shetland Space Centre and Shetland Islands Council are pleased to host a virtual event to highlight the numerous organisations who can help support and fund your innovations.  The event will provide an introduction from organisations who can help you develop and build a business if you have a suitably innovative idea.  We are excited to be able to bring you a range of organisations who cover areas such as Artificial Intelligence, downstream use of satellite data, defence and security, sensors, IoT and a whole other range of technology.  Please have a look at the organisations who will be presenting to find out more.

In ESA Business Applications our aim is to show that space is open for business and has the power to improve our everyday lives on Earth. We do this by helping companies get funding and support to integrate space data and technology into their commercial services.“

It’s all about the data!

The Data Lab is Scotland’s Innovation Centre for data and AI.
We have hubs across Scotland, including Inverness, which covers the whole of the Highlands and Islands.
Our mission is to help Scotland maximise value from data and lead the world to a data powered future.
We believe Scotland can lead the world to a future where data powers scientific progress, economic prosperity and social good.
So we act as a catalyst, using our expertise, network, funding and platforms to change how Scotland, and the world, innovates with data.
We believe that collaboration is the key to success in data science, so we don’t work in isolation, but with companies, public sector organisations, the 3rd sector and universities, to make Scotland the global leader in data innovation.
The Data Lab offers a range of services and support across innovation, R&D, skills and training for organisations of all sizes, types and sectors.

KTN exists to connect innovators with new partners and new opportunities beyond their existing thinking – accelerating ambitious ideas into real-world solutions.

The world we live in faces ever-changing societal, environmental and economic challenges, which are felt regionally, nationally and also globally. At KTN our mission is to connect ideas, people and communities to respond to these challenges and drive positive change through innovation.

Our diverse connections span business, government, funders, research and the third sector.

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is a Government organisation that funds innovative and exploitable ideas that benefit the UK’s Armed Forces and National Security. We provide 100% funding and do not take a share of your intellectual property nor equity in your company. DASA has regionally based Innovation Partners (IP) to advise you about the DASA process. The IP for Scotland will provide an overview of DASA and funding opportunities at this virtual event.

Based regionally throughout Scotland and with connections into all Scotland’s universities, research institutes and colleges Interface works with businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, to match them to world-leading academic expertise, research, technologies and specialist facilities to help them grow. The free and impartial service has helped hundreds of organisations to become more competitive enabling them to increase their profits, maximise their export potential and ultimately become more sustainable.

CENSIS is the centre of excellence for sensor and imaging systems and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

We help organisations explore innovation and overcome technology barriers to achieve business transformation.

As one of Scotland’s Innovation Centres, our focus is not only creating sustainable economic value in the Scottish economy, but also generating social benefit. Our industry-experienced engineering and project management teams work with companies or in collaborative teams with university research experts.

We act as independent trusted advisers, allowing organisations to implement quality, efficiency and performance improvements and fast -track the development of new products and services for global markets.

Business Gateway is a government initiative which provides a range of support measures to people who want to start up in business or who want to grow their existing businesses.  The service is operated in Shetland, through Shetland Islands Council’s Economic Development Service.  The services included are:

  • Access to free training courses;
  • Business information;
  • Time with a Business Adviser;
  • Advice on funding opportunities.

The service is ideally placed to equally support any business growth or business start-up project.

Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK government. For more information, visit the UK Research and Innovation website.

We drive productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas, including those from the UK’s world-class research base.

With a strong business focus, we drive growth by working with companies to de-risk, enable and support innovation.

We connect businesses to the partners, customers and investors that can help them turn ideas into commercially successful products and services and business growth.

We fund business and research collaborations to accelerate innovation and drive business investment into research and development.

Our support is available to businesses across all economic sectors, value chains and UK regions.

Support and Funding for Technology & Manufacturing Innovation


29th October, 2020

09:30 – 09:35 am

 Event Opens

The online event is available for joining, use this time to ensure microphones and webcameras are working.

09:35 – 09:50 am

Shetland Islands Council

Opening – Development Services, Shetland Islands Council (Neil Grant)

09:50 – 10:20  am
Event Introduction

Shetland Space Centre

Shetland Space Centre Innovation

Support to Innovation
10:20 – 10:40 am
Business Gateway

With Kirsten Nicolson

10:40 – 11:00 am
The DataLab

With Karen O’Hanlon

It’s all about the data!

11:00 – 11:20 aM
Defence and Security Accelerator

With Debra Carr

Introduction to DASA and funding opportunities

11:20 – 11:30 am
Virtual coffee break – Join us!

A 10 minute break before hearing from the event speakers.

11:30 – 11:50 am
ESA Business Applications

 With Kenneth Gordon

Your Business Powered by Space

11:50 – 12:10 NOON

With Jim Cockram

Who is CENSIS; how they can help 

12:10 – 12:30 pm

With Jim Berryman

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPS). Funding Opportunities for Company and University Collaborahtions

12:30 – 12:50 pm
Innovate UK

With Robert Martin

Your Business Powered by Space

12:50 – 13:10 pm

With Lorraine Thomson

Connecting You to Scotland’s Universities for the Expertise You Need

13:10 – 13:30 pm
Event Wrap Up


Event closing remarks by Shetland Space Centre, DASA and Shetland Islands Council.

This Event is Free, But There’s Only Room for 100!

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We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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