SSC Board of Directors

Shetland Space Centre – Board of Directors


Shetland Space Centre Ltd was formed in 2017 by Frank Strang, owner with his wife Debbie of the Saxa Vord Resort, formerly RAF Saxa Vord. 

Chairman of the Board of Shetland Space Centre is Chris Phillips, who is non-executive chairman of Hadleigh Waymoth, an independent advisory and fund management business.

CEO Mr Strang, Mrs Strang, Scott Hammond and Bill Gibb are also on the board. 

Non-executive directors are Todd Ruppert, founder and CEO of Ruppert International, who has 40 years’ experience in financial services, Tavish Scott, former MSP for Shetland and former government minister Brian Wilson. 

The company is working closely with the local community and Shetland Islands Council to ensure minimum impact and maximum benefit from what will be a major new sector of the local economy.